Compared to women, men do not always put enough effort to be appealing to women when dating. Online dating makes it even worse because most men do not feel like they need to prove anything to the women until such a time when they both decide to meet. If what you are looking for from online dating is serious relationship, then there is a need to up your game to enjoy the desired results. There are so many tips men can pick from women to make online dating easier and below are some of the best men can use when dating online.

Be honest about your intentions

For the longest time men have been known to have the intention of taking women to bed and nothing more. It is however not fair to lead a woman on when you know very well that you do not have any serious intentions. There are so many women out there that would be interested in casual encounters so find the right place to be to get what you want instead of confusing souls that have a completely different plan as far as the relationship goes. When you make your intentions clear from the initial stages of dating, you make it easier for the woman to make a decision whether to stay on or move on to another relationship that is will go the route she wants.

Make an effort when taking your profile photo

Sure, men do not have too much to worry about when it comes to looking smart at a photo. You do not have to apply makeup and choose the appropriate dress as women do, but at least look smart in your profile photo. The outfit does not have to be too formal; a smart casual look will work. A nice haircut also adds character to your image and so will good shoes. Just try and look your best; no woman will feel attracted to that shaggy look or the dry, cracked lips so get down to work and make improvements.

Do not go overboard with the complements

Yes, women love being appreciated and complemented but it will only leave you looking creepy and weird when you overdo it. Make sure you complement where necessary and in all honesty, but keep it minimal because that way it holds more value to the woman. When you go overboard, the first thing that will come into the woman’s mind is that you are after something and you are not even being honest and this is not a good thing. Genuine complements are easy to identify so be careful with what you say and how you say it.

Tone it down

Flirting is allowed and women actually love a man who knows how to flirt. However, have control over it. Do not make flirting be the only thing you do when you get talking or mailing because it makes the relation more sexual than getting to know each other better. When dating takes one route then it is bound to fail and get boring. Tone the flirting down and try to strike some balance in your communications.

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